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What are the job prospects in Canada for an Indian citizen?

Job prospects in Canada for Indian citizens are very good due to Canada's highly open immigration policies. Canada is seeking skilled workers to fill its labor market needs and Indian citizens have numerous opportunities to obtain permanent residence in Canada. There are various pathways to Canadian immigration, such as the Express Entry Program, provincial nominee programs, and family-sponsored immigration. In addition, Indian citizens are eligible for many different types of work permit, from open work permits to employer-specific work permits. With the right qualifications and experience, an Indian citizen can make a successful transition to Canada and secure a fruitful career.

Do B.Com graduates get jobs in Dubai?

This article explores the job prospects for Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) graduates in Dubai. According to the author, there are many job opportunities available to B.Com graduates in Dubai, particularly in the areas of finance and accounting. There are also a wide variety of other job opportunities such as marketing, banking and insurance, and human resource management. The article also discusses the necessary qualifications and skills needed to find a job in Dubai, as well as the importance of networking. Finally, the article provides tips on how to find a job in Dubai, such as attending job fairs, preparing a good CV, and leveraging online job opportunities.